Frequently asked questions

General qualification guidelines: Am I qualified to rent?
In general, if you are qualified to rent a 1 bedroom studio or apartment on your own, you will very likely be qualified to rent here. Typically, according to our research, most apartments require a 670 minimum credit score and a gross monthly income that is roughly 3 times the monthly rent.
Based on the general qualification guidelines, I need a co-signer. Will you accept a co-signer?
A co-signer that is a good fit for a lessee typically applies to a specific situation (e.g., as a lessee, you're a student with no credit history so you require a co-signer). A co-signer will be treated like an additional applicant on the lease. They should be prepared to submit all information needed to verify income and undergo a background and credit check. This typically means they need to submit documentation for proof of income (paystub, bank statements or tax returns if self employed. You may include all sources of income including spousal and child support even if not reflected on your tax filings) and proof of funds for rent/deposit (typically a bank statement). So if a co-signer is not prepared to submit in a timely manner the required documents when asked by the property manager, you should find another co-signer.
How much is the total move in cost?
To move in, you are required to provide 1.5-2x months worth of rent as a security deposit as well as the first month's rent. This is done in advance and in conjunction with the signing of the lease.
How much is the monthly rent?
The current monthly rent is $2310 and include(s) water (up to $30 per month), sewer, and trash. Inquire about complementary high-speed Internet for more details..
What is the size of the ADU?
The ADU has a 600 square foot foundation. When taking into account the included appliances, doors, etc., the inside of the ADU will be a bit less.
How much and how often is the rent increased?
Rental increases are typically done annually (or in the spring/summer, whichever comes first) and are typically in line with the market. While we can't give an exact number, rent increases are typically not less than $25 and have not historically exceeded 10% (though if inflation increases to 50% and all similar rentals in the area follow that trend, you should expect something similar).
What are the terms of the lease?
The lease is month to month (at least initially). You are required to provide 30 days written notice when moving out (email is fine).
May I run my own business?
In general businesses that don't result in a lot of foot traffic to the ADU (e.g., online editor, programmer, etc.) are not a problem. That said, if you plan to run a business from home, you will need written permission from the landlord. There is a policy which you will be required to read and follow as part of your lease. See the rules summary page for a brief overview.
What is the application fee and how do I fill one out?
The application process is described here.
Who is your ideal tenant?
Our ideal tenant (or tenants) is/are people who take the time to read and understand the lease and the rules in place to help manage the property (or asks clarifying questions prior to signing the lease) and isare ready to adhere to them and pays the rent on time. He/Her/They communicate well and can have a respectful, evidence-based discussion when needed. This is a nice neighborhood that doesn't host a lot of loud parties, so if you're looking for a party house this isn't it. The rules page might also give you a good idea of the type of environment we'd like to have.
How fast is the free high speed Internet?
The free high-speed Internet is approximately 50-70 Mbps (we've seen it run up to 100 Mbps but we're quoting a more typical range with more than 1 person on it). We quote a range of what you can expect because it's a shared Internet connection. We feel the range is a fairly good approximation of the typical Internet speed you can expect given the current network configuration. Read more details on the complementary Internet and its caveats here.
What utilities are included in the rent?
Water and a free wireless Internet connection is provided. Note: An overage clause for the water is added into the lease whereby if the water usage exceeds $30 per month, the tenant will pay the extra overage cost. This number is derived from a private water meter. In practice, an overage has never been triggered and we don't expect to reach this threshold and the number will be updated as rates from the various companies get updated. See the amenities page for more extras included in the rent.
I'm trying to figure out how far away the place is from work. What is the address?
The address you can use for Google Maps that will work is: 980 Warwick Ave, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
What about parking?
Angled driveway parking is available. Generally, there is plenty of street parking directly in front of the house in which you will be staying. We ask that tenants park in the street within the boundaries of the property (rather than a neighbor's property) if possible.
When is the unit available?
The unit is available starting: 07/09/2023